Sunday, April 17, 2005


So, I haven't blogged for quite some time. It seems like everything I touch breaks. I cant blog from the computer in my room and every other computer I touch breaks or loses its Internet access for days at a time. And to top that off, I made the best aircheck tape I have EVER made today, and the tape deck decided it was going to eat it. So needless to say, I have lost all faith in technology.
As for everything else in my life...things are good. Work is going very well. I'm almost done with school...finally. I'm so excited for graduation. I booked my hotel for Nashville in June!!!!!! And I'm going to be down there during the CMA Music Festival. There are going to be TONS of country artists down there at the same time as me!!! (And I'm also checking out radio stations while I'm down there!) So that is the major excitement in my life right now. I'm also working on putting my resume tape together and finishing my senior presentation. (keeping fingers crossed!)


Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

A Murphy's Law calendar would seem to be an appropriate graduation gift for you in the wake of the poor luck you're having with technology.

7:02 PM  

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