Saturday, March 05, 2005

NO INTERNET!!! I havent had Internet for about a week now. Novell decided that, without prompting me to change my password, it was going to lock me out of my email and all internet access. And I'm still not getting a new password till Monday! So, when I open my email Monday I should have about 300 new ones to sort through. NOT fun. But, the one (or 3) thing that made this week unbelievable was that I already saw PNH once on Thursday....then I got free floor seats to see BRAD PAISLEY, SARA EVANS, and ANDY GRIGGS just last nite and it was absolutely amazing. And now, I'm going to see PNH again tonite!! So I cant complain too much about my week.
School has been keeping me pretty busy and with work on top of that, I dont get much time for anything. So it was nice to take some "me" time this week and enjoy myself. But now its time to buckle down and concentrate on the important stuff. And theres alot of it! Every once in a while I get to enjoy the weekend like I did this week, but it always means I have tons of stuff to do when its over. But its always worth it and things always work out!


Blogger Laura K. said...

Sorry bout the Internet stuff, but yay on the concerts!!

9:57 AM  

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