Wednesday, August 10, 2005


So not too much is new on my end. I'm really glad to see that everyone is doing well! I'm still doing news for WKST and my weekends with Froggy. I've been doing remotes for Froggy and I love it. That is one of my favorite things to do. I actually got to drive the van in a parade not too long ago and that was fun too, but remotes are my favorite. I am working 20 days straight right now (currently on day 18) so I'm really wiped out. Last week I filled in for TadPole, so I was doing his shift on top of all my other work. All that with no days off really wears on you. I'm really looking forward to first day off after all that time. Needless to say I've been pretty busy. I'm taking a weekend off here really soon and flying out to Philly with my best friend to visit another friend of ours. We're going to visit the Jersey shore so I'm really looking forward to a weekend with a little bit of relaxation. Basically thats all thats new with me. As soon as I save up some money I'm going to start looking for jobs OUT of this immediate area. I need to be able to afford to move before I start looking and possibly find something. I dont want to find my dream job and not be able to afford to go after it. But anyway....I really hope everyone else is well and I will keep wishing you all the best of luck!!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

So...I havent blogged in forever!

So, I went to Nashville and it was AMAZING. I'm definitely looking into moving down there. I am really excited. It was such a good time and I met lots of country singers. Things down there are just different than around here and I fell in love with it as soon as I got there. Its what I call a "country city" so thats what really got me. I dont like big cities. I have never wanted to live in the city. But I love Nashville and I cant wait to go back.

And I'm now working full time for Forever Broadcasting. I am out doing my own live remotes for Froggy which I LOVE. I think its so fun to go out and meet people from all over who listen to my station. The whole experience is great! And, this may surprise alot of people...especially Mr. Weaver, I am now doing some news. On weekdays (on top of all the other work I do) I record lots of newscasts for WKST. And just so everyone knows.....I STILL DONT LIKE NEWS. I needed the full time job so I could have benefits (I needed insurance!) and the only way to get full time here was to do news. At the end of the summer, after I have saved some money I'm going to start looking for jobs AWAY from New Castle.

Other than all that, not too much has changed.
After reading Pat's blog I have to say that we had an awesome capstone group. Everyone worked really hard and now its paying off. When I used to tell people what my major was....they'd laugh. Many would say that they had that major in school or they knew someone who did and now they work at Wal*Mart. And I always told them that its a hard business to get into and it takes lots of hard work.....and persistence. (just to let them know that they didnt have what it takes to make it in the business!) And then I'd let them know that I already had an on-air job. I liked to rub it in. And now I can also rub in that everyone I graduated with works in the business. HAHA! Thanks guys!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

: )

I think the BC Festival went sooooo well. I really thought that it was such a nice day. I was glad we all attended each others presentations. And there was a really good turn out for each and every presentation. But I really did enjoy the whole day and I'm very glad we did that. I hope this becomes a tradition and continues each year for the rest of the BC-ers. I'm looking forward to our BC bonding day too! And for the capstoners....we are so lucky to be graduating with our group. You guys are an amazing group of people and I have no doubt in my mind that you all will go far and make it to where you want to be.
Sarah...we joined this group the end of our freshman year and we've been in it together since then. I'm so glad we got to do this together! Megan...we just became good friends this year and I'm so glad we did. Working together this past summer at Titan Radio and Froggy/WKST is what really brought us together. Then there was PNH and all the other things we've done. I'm gonna miss you so much when you move to Ashland but I know you'll be fine and I'll come visit you!! fellow procrastinator (haha)...even though we always wait till the last minute to do things, we always get them done! You are an absolutely amazing person. I know you'll do fine whereever you go, but if you stay in the area and work in Youngstown you better keep in touch!!'re always there to help when someone needs it. That is the kind of thing that will take you far. Best of luck! Tandi...hoppy day! You are heading off to grad school. I hope everything goes well for you and I know you have what it takes to make it in this business! Pat...the creative genius of the group! If you end up heading to New York I wish you nothing but the best. I know you can handle whatever is thrown your way! Sebastian...the sports man. You have an amazing talent. Whereever/whoever hires you will get a "sports star!"
I hope when we leave here we will find some way to keep in touch and keep each other updated on where we are and what we're doing! Love you all!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Almost presentation time!

I'm actually kind of excited about the BC Festival and my presentation. I think the whole day is going to be really nice and its gonna be fun. I like when all the BC-ers get together. We have a really good group graduating this semester so this will be lots of fun. My mom and 2 sisters are coming and TadPole will be at Westminster for the big day!!!!! My boss ( was going to come but something came up that is much more important so he wont be able to make it. But I think this is a really nice way to bid farewell to Westminster and the BC program and I really hope this holds and the future BC-ers keep it a tradition. And I would like to once again wish everyone from BC 2005 the best of luck!!! Everyone is amazing and you all will go far! (Even fellow 'professional' procrastinator!!! haha)

Sunday, April 17, 2005


So, I haven't blogged for quite some time. It seems like everything I touch breaks. I cant blog from the computer in my room and every other computer I touch breaks or loses its Internet access for days at a time. And to top that off, I made the best aircheck tape I have EVER made today, and the tape deck decided it was going to eat it. So needless to say, I have lost all faith in technology.
As for everything else in my life...things are good. Work is going very well. I'm almost done with school...finally. I'm so excited for graduation. I booked my hotel for Nashville in June!!!!!! And I'm going to be down there during the CMA Music Festival. There are going to be TONS of country artists down there at the same time as me!!! (And I'm also checking out radio stations while I'm down there!) So that is the major excitement in my life right now. I'm also working on putting my resume tape together and finishing my senior presentation. (keeping fingers crossed!)

Monday, March 21, 2005


I'm finally at home where the Internet actually works! I have had more problems in the past few weeks with the internet/computers at school and work it is just ridiculous. I used to say, jokingly, that computers hate me. And after the past few weeks I really believe its true. I have never had so many problems. And I'm in an electronic communication class so not having Internet for a while really screwed things up. I was really looking forward to spring break so I could relax, but it seems like thats not going to happen. Yesterday I had to work for 11 hours (1pm-midnite) because Megan is on vacation and Dr. B had plans to go away to Gettysburg. And now I have today (Monday) and tomorrow off, then starting Wednesday I'm working 12 days straight. So I'm not getting much of a break. But at least I dont have to worry about classes right now. I have had so much going on lately I was starting to feel like I was going crazy. But work is going well and I'm getting alot of hours and a lot of on-air time. So thats great for me. I'm getting to "air-check" myself more and thats great for my resume tape. We had a staff meeting this past week and we were on my P.D.'s case about getting us a real air-check machine. It was the three Westminster people bugging him (me, Megan, and Dr. B.) So, hopefully it'll happen soon so I can get better stuff for my tape. The staff meeting was at East Wind Restaurant and it was so weird. I felt very grown up (haha.) Everyone, other than Megan, is for the most part, alot older than me. But it really hit me that this is the real world and this is what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. And it was nice because I love all the people I work with and they dont try to make me feel like, just because I'm young I cant handle my job. They are very supportive and very respectful. And even though a couple of them call me 'Kid', they treat me as an equal. In fact, I call the one woman I work with ("Holly Hopper", haha) my Radio Mom. I never realized how important it was to work with people like this. They have taught me alot. And with that.....the end.
PS seniors~ when we get back from break we only have a little over a month before we GRADUATE!!!!!!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

NO INTERNET!!! I havent had Internet for about a week now. Novell decided that, without prompting me to change my password, it was going to lock me out of my email and all internet access. And I'm still not getting a new password till Monday! So, when I open my email Monday I should have about 300 new ones to sort through. NOT fun. But, the one (or 3) thing that made this week unbelievable was that I already saw PNH once on Thursday....then I got free floor seats to see BRAD PAISLEY, SARA EVANS, and ANDY GRIGGS just last nite and it was absolutely amazing. And now, I'm going to see PNH again tonite!! So I cant complain too much about my week.
School has been keeping me pretty busy and with work on top of that, I dont get much time for anything. So it was nice to take some "me" time this week and enjoy myself. But now its time to buckle down and concentrate on the important stuff. And theres alot of it! Every once in a while I get to enjoy the weekend like I did this week, but it always means I have tons of stuff to do when its over. But its always worth it and things always work out!